C-12 Oscilloscope Camera

Tektronix C-12 Kamera
Left part can be easily revomed from right part with screws

Unfortunately this bezel don't fit for my 7000 series, there is a special bezel for the 7000 series I'am looking for it. There were different mounting adapters available.
Beam splitting mirror, aproximately 65% of available light goes to the lenses, 35% through the viewer,

viewer can be opened or closed by rotary switch

The Tektronix  C-12 is an early oscilloscope camera model

No parallax binocular viewing
Lift on mounting, swing away hinging
Lens 75mm f1/9 slops down to 1/16
shutter speeds 1s up to 1/50s plus Bulb and Time
Polaroid Back Film accepts 3000-speed film which develops outside in about 10 seconds
records 8*10cm graticule with an 3 1/4 to 4 1/4 Polaroid film
C-12-E electric shutter camera
C-12-ER electric shutter camer Roll-Film Back
I'll fix my digital camera on this C-12 and build up an DIY adapter for the 7000 series.

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