P6021 AC Current Probe

P6021 Current Probe

The Tektronix P6021 can be used stand alone passive with 1 Mohm input oscilloscopes or together with the 134 amplifier.
Bandwidth passive 120 Hz to 60 MHz
Termiantion passive, switchable from 2mA/mV (450Hz to 60 MHz) to 10mA/mV (120 Hz to 60 MHz)
Bandwidth with amplifier 134 (12 Hz to 38 MHz) 1mA/div to 1A/div at 50mV/div.
Risetime passive 5.2 ns, acitve 9.2 ns.
Insertion Z (ohm) 0.03 ohm @ 1 MHz, 1 ohm @ 60 MHz (38 MHz)
Lieber "DG 5 MKQ" ich danke Dir für die Fotos, thank you for the photos.

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