Model 720A Kelvin-Varley Voltage Divider

Der Fluke Model 720A Reference Voltage Divider ist ein stabiler und hochgenauer Spannungsteiler für Kalibrationszwecke.  Mit sieben Dekaden erreicht er eine Auflösung von 0.1ppm.

The Instruction Manual (48MB pdf file) can be downloaded from the manufactorer website, consists of all technical specification written in detail. The manual shows also measurement applications using this instrument.

Rob from the Nederlands sent the photos from this fine instrument, thank you very much for supporting the website.

"The unit was probably made in early 1971; the 'youngest' date-code I could find on any resistor is week 45 of 1970. It has, in the past been repaired, since a couple of trimmers are much newer (1986) than the rest. You can see this in the picture "internals topside"; there is a row of trimmers on the bottom, two of which are a lot brighter in colour".

Front with open cover

Front with closed cover

Calibration closeup

Front closeup

Deck B and C closeup

Deck B closeup


Deck C, D, E and F

Trimming Section and Oil Tank
Impressum und Haftungsausschluss