General Radio Variable Air Capacitor Type 1602-P3

Variable Air Capacitor 12pF-70pF

adjustable dial  GR-connector

Solid construction, low inductive design. Mechanical stable, plates and holder made of same or similar materials.

Connector GR Type 874. Massive connector, male and female design.

shaft contact
shaft contact

dial reading


Capacitance Measurement

Measuring the Capacitance vs. Dial reading with an 4279A 1MHz C-V Meter

measurement fixture
Capacitance Measurement Fixture compensated to zero. GR-874 to BNC-Adapter approx. 2,5pF.

Dial reading scale is nonlinear, numbers doesn`t fit to capacitance values. The original purpose for this nonlinear dial reading is unknown for me.

measurement data

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